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Isaiah Rothstein

Actor / Writer

Stories are a time honored tradition in every culture. They unify us. They rally us. They humble us. As time marches forward, the way we tell these stories evolves. Music. Poetry. Dance. Theatre. Film.

My favorite part of acting, of working on a set, is the collaboration of storytellers. The writer tells a story. I interpret that story and add from my own life experiences. Each other actor contributes their own truth to tell. The DP frames their story. The Gaffer personalizes the contents of that frame. And so on. And so forth.

Until it's seen. An amalgamation of points of view, dynamic and full of meaning. And sometimes it makes us laugh. Sometime it makes us cry. Sometimes it opens our minds to new ideas.

And, hopefully, we leave a little better off. 


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Theatrical Agent: Jim Keith, Movement Talent Agency


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