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Isaiah Rothstein

Actor | Creator | Voice


XP Level Up

What could be more fun than collaborative storytelling? Improvised collaborative storytelling! I've played a range of TTRPGS (Monster of the Week, D&D 5E, Grim Noir, Kids on Bikes, Fear Itself, etc.) and alternate between GM'ing and playing. No matter which side of the table we're on, the goal is the same: Everyone's connecting, having a good time, and telling a good story.


Revelations & Redemption

Welcome to the lavish party of Jeffery Hudson, Founder & CEO of Go-Go Bots! Here, you'll find all sorts of guests. Among them are a blacklisted movie star, a renowned thief and her partner (BigFoot), an investigator undercover as the caterer, Jeffery's bodyguard and the +1 he really shouldn't have invited.

The first podcast series produced by Hot Dice. Isaiah is one of the producers and main cast members, playing Abram Rocks. 

Listen to Season 1

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Welcome to Reddington

Welcome to Reddington, NH! A small, unique college town with some wonderfully quirky townsfolk. The citizens all believe they've been in town for a while, if not their entire lives! Various folks have recently been tasked with (mandatory) community service by the shadowy, secretive Town Council.

Feathered Frequency Productions produces this award-winning podcast. Isaiah plays Barnabus Crawley and Raz, the demon who haunts him.

Listen to the Podcast



Hot Dice!

Along with ShinWoo Mun and Wander Boesjes, Isaiah is a producer with Hot Dice, LLC, a production company creating actual play content in different mediums and different TTRPGs.

Originally producing series filmed in-studio, the team has transitioned to producing studio-quality podcasts. Their first filmed series, Firefly Island, is available on YouTube. Their next series, Revelations & Redemption, is available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Want to tell stories together?

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